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Gabrielle“From a patients point of view Andrea is a highly professional and capable counselor with a personable and sensitive approach. I found Andrea was particularly experienced in relationship, trauma and emotional issues. I have trusted her as a professional and the positive results in my life are a clear example to me that she does a wonderful job of what she does.”

Gabrielle D. Milan, Italy

WillAndrea is an outstanding person who is very balanced and conscientious. I have known her for several years and I have always been impressed with her insights and ability to connect with others on a very real and personal level.

Williem B., Chandler, AZ

Tamira“Andrea is an incredibly intuitive, focused therapist. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Andrea and under her guidance. She has vision and a gift for healing that is truly exceptional.”

Tamira M., Tempe, AZ

Stacy“I would definitely recommend Andrea as a therapist, particularly with traumatized clients. Andrea is a natural healer and has the ability to come alongside her clients emotionally in a safe and supportive way. She is incredibly gifted in helping clients who are suffering from trauma related symptoms to find healing and recovery.”

Stacy H., Scottsdale, AZ

Mauro“Andrea is one of the most attentive therapists I have ever met. She fully understands what people feel, she gives advice at the right time and she is an excellent guide as you are going through the process of therapeutic change. Her experience, skill and effective use of therapeutic tools makes her a highly qualified professional.”

Mauro B. Milan, Italy

“Andrea Cairella is a competent and talented professional. Her intelligence, intuition, and honesty allow her to connect with her peers and clients on a very personal level. She is consistently successful in guiding clients through therapy to live more productive and happy lives.”

Stephanie W. Chandler, AZ

“Andrea Cairella is a very dedicated professional who uses her sensitivity, intuition and intelligence to understand her clients and their problems. She is able to communicate in a very clear and comprehensive way. I think Andrea Cairella is a fantastic therapist who lives up to her fullest potential in her own life and always strives to be linked to the most advanced therapeutic approaches. I value her therapeutic work and her as a person.”

Rodrigo M.

“Andrea is a thoughtful and insightful therapist. I can thoroughly endorse her skilled and compassionate style. A most effective therapist.”

Eric W. Sydney, Australia

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