Reconnect and Create a Loving & Passionate Partnership

This is for couples wanting to strengthen their emotional bond,
leading to a lifetime of love, where each partner’s needs are met and the relationship serves
as a secure base for both people to flourish in the outside world.

This 2 day education program for couples incorporates the most innovative & effective approaches in couple’s therapy. This program includes components of Dr. Sue Johnson’s “conversations for connection” from her book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, Dr. Cloé Madanes’ 6 Human Needs, Dr. David Schnarch’s interventions from The Passionate Marriage & more.

Couples will learn how to be more empathetic, trusting, and open with each other
and to more easily handle day-to-day stress and problems.
The retreat is designed to strengthen and deepen a couple’s emotional connection and thus includes:

  • • Engaging and easy to follow exercises that guide couples through the key areas couples have difficulty (i.e. communication, sex, healing old hurts, conflict resolution and more)
  • • Demonstrative videos clips
  • • Fun and educational lectures where participants are also able share, discuss and learn

The Training: Day One


relationship roadmap:

You’ll learn …

  • How accessible, responsive & engaged you and your partner are in the relationship and create a relationship improvement plan together.
  • How to create a secure relationship and healthy dynamic with your partner and avoid common pitfalls in communication.
  • How to be mindful, regulate your emotions, tolerate distress so you can develop interpersonal effectiveness skills.


Building a strong foundation of love

You’ll learn …

  • How your family and relationship foundation impact your current relationship and how to break negative patterns.
  • What your and your partner’s core values & beliefs are so that we can deeply explore the root cause of your fights.
  • You and your partner’s love language, so that you and your partner can more accurately deliver love to one another.

The Training: Day Two


Breaking Free of the Negative Cycle

You’ll learn …

  • What behaviors and beliefs get in the way from creating the relationship you want
  • How to neutralize conflicts using a step-by-step non-defensive communication format, so you are heard by your partner.
  • How to de-escalate tension by openly and honestly share what you really feel and need effectively.


Improving Communication, Understanding and Empathy

You’ll learn …

  • How to recognizing the negative cycle so you can break out of the negative cycle and begin communicating effectively.
  • How to shift the communication pattern from doom and gloom frustration to mutual understanding and clarity.
  • How to have empathy for yourself and receive validation from your partner.


Resolving Unfinished Business and Connecting and Bonding Again

You’ll learn …

  • How to heal and resolve old relationship wounds and hurts so you can really move forward as a stronger couple.
  • How to feel supported and united by addressing topics: Leisure Time, Sex, Money, Parenting, In Laws, Location, Career Balancing involvement and decision making.
  • What aspects of your life and your relationship need a tune up so that you can enhance your well-being and feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your life.

The Training: Day 3


Forgiving and Healing Past Hurts

You’ll learn …

  • How to be humble and validate your partner as well as being validated by your partner.
  • How to forgive and heal past hurts fully, deeply and authentically so a new chapter can begin


Deepening the Physical Intimacy in Your Relationship

You’ll learn …

  • How to connecting through affection and physical intimacy by increasing the passion and emotional safety and security with your partner.
  • How to rekindling the love by creating a daily ritual of love.


Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA


On site participation: $2500 per couple (includes 2 meals daily, housing & materials)
Commuter participation: $2000 per couple (includes 2 meals daily & materials); however, if you invite another couple to attend the retreat YOU AND THE OTHER COUPLE will each receive an additional $250 off.
Bring a friend discount: $2250 ea. couple (on-site), $1750 ea. couple (commuter) expires on Fri., Oct 27th

Get There

Once you reserve your spot, specific details will be emailed to you regarding the exact location and how to arrive from either the airport, train station or by car.

This retreat is full. If you would like to be notified once this retreat becomes available again, please submit your name and email below.

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