90 day of 1-on-1 Private Mentorship to Take Your Confidence, Communication & Visibility to a Whole New Level

Is anxiety and self-doubt holding you back from stepping into your power and true potential?  Are you ready to step into a whole new level of self-confidence and authentic self-expression?  

You know you were meant to make a positive difference on the planet, but for some reason you are stuck in indecision and second guessing yourself. And you know the simple truth…it is a waste of time and only holding you back from making the true impact you were meant to make.

If you have stumbled across this page it is no coincidence, but fate.  You are searching for the solution because somewhere along the way you lost touch with yourself and feel far from your core.  And are ready to find yourself and your essence again. 

You have realized that you are DONE with over-analysis paralysis, perfectionism, procrastination & overwhelm.  You are DONE with the tension, worry & fear of the unknown.  You are DONE with isolating and masking your feelings.  And you are DONE with the go-go-go routine and trying to do it all alone.  

Today is the day that you make an important decision!  Today is the day that you start the journey of transform your insecurities and fears into clarity, courage and confidence so you can finally step into the woman you were always destined to become!


  • Achieving your dreams & goals, putting yourself first and break old patterns that have been holding you back for so long.
  • Having a rock solid foundation under your feet and a strong identity.
  • Mastering the tools of self-compassion, non-judgment, staying open & uninhibited.
  • Believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your own skin, no longer caring what other critics think or have to say about you.
  • Being authentically yourself, speaking up and making requests and maintaining a deep and loving connection in your relationships.
  • Feeling capable, credible, content & secure within yourself.
  • Approaching situations naturally and with ease.
  • Letting go of control and anxiety & ultimately find inner peace.
  • Experiencing more lightness, pleasure and a deepening of faith and self-trust.
  • Handling transitions and changes with greater ease and confidence.
  • Opening up to receiving love from yourself and others.
  • Getting support and mentorship along the way so you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Avoid the 4 Common Mistakes Many Couples Make
  • Strengthen your Emotional Bond
  • Deepen Intimacy and Connection
  • Improve Communication

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“From a patients point of view Andrea is a highly professional and capable counselor with a personable and sensitive approach. I found Andrea was particularly experienced in relationship, trauma and emotional issues. I have trusted her as a professional and the positive results in my life are a clear example to me that she does a wonderful job of what she does.”
Gabrielle D. Milan, Italy

Are you ready to Overcome Self-Doubt, Communicate with Confidence & Unleash Your True Potential?