Emotionally-Focused Therapy:

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples is one of the few therapies that helps couples get back to their loving feelings, stay connected, and develop deep security so there is happiness in their relationship. If you are part of a couple that gets caught in the same old arguments over and over, or if you feel distant from your partner, EFT can help. EFT is a short-term model that is effective and highly respected in the field of couples therapy. Studies show that most couples (over 70%) turned their relationship around in 15-20 sessions and over 90% significantly improved. Issues typically addressed in treatment are:

* Communication Problems
* Cross-Cultural Issues
* Dealing with the In-Laws
* Feeling Emotionally Detached
* Parenting Differences

* Interpersonal Conflict
* Intimacy Issues
* Sexual Problems
* Financial Issues
* Jealousy Issues

* Emotional or Physical Affairs
* Loneliness
* Anger Issues
* Addictions

Couples who have successfully completed treatment report:

* Healthy Communication
* Feeling Safe and Secure
* Rebuilding Trust

* Harmony and Understanding
* Cross-Cultural Acceptance
* Healing Infidelity

* Openly Expressing Feelings and Needs
* Greater Intimacy and Sexual Touch

Are you ready to improve your relationship?